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Professor Melanie Pilkington (FRSC)
Former Tier (II) Canada Research Chair
Department of Chemistry, Brock University
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40. The use of the triptycene framework for observing O•••C=O molecular interactions. A. Lari, E. Bresco, P.M. Pitak. S.J. Coles, P. Belser, A. Beyeler, M. Pillkington and J.D. Wallis*, Cryst. Eng. Comm., 2011, 12, 6978. Hot Article

39. New chiral organosulfur donors related to bis(ethylenedithio)tetrathiafulvalene. S. Yang, A. C. Brooks, L. Martin, P. Day, M. Pilkington, W. Clegg, R.W. Harrington, L. Russo and J. D. Wallis*, Tetrahedron, 2010, 66. 6977.

38. Spin-Spin Interactions in Porphyrin-Based Monoverdazyl Radical Hybrid Spin Systems. P.K. Poddutoori, A. Dion, SJ. Yang, M. Pilkington*, J.D. Wallis and A. van der Est*, Inorg. Chem.2010, 49, 3516. 

37. Light Induced Hole Transfer in a Hypervalent Phosphorous (V) Octaethylporphyrin Bearing an Axially Linked BEDT-TTF. P. K. Poddutoori, A. Dion, S. Yang, M. Pilkington, J.D. Wallis and A. van der Est*, J. Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines2010, 14, 178.

36. A Survey of Structure and Catalysis. Palladium(II), Platinum(II) and Indium(II) Complexes of 2-Phosphino-1-Dimethylamino Ferrocenes. C. Metallinos*, J. Zaifman, L. Van Belle, L. Dodge and M. Pilkington, Organometallics2009, 28, 4534. 

35. Rational Approaches to Organic Ferromagnets Based on Neutral Radicals Appended to Organosulfur Donors, A. Alberola and M. Pilkington, Current Organic Synthesis2009, 6, 66. 

34. Three-Dimensional Bimetallic Octacyanidometalates [MIV-CN)4MnII(H2O)2}2{(4H2O]n (M=Nb, Mo, W): Synthesis, Single-Crystal X-ray Diffraction and Magnetism. M.J. Herrera, P. Franz, R. Podgajny, M. Pilkington, M. Biner, S. Decurtins*, H. Stoeckli-Evans, A. Neels, R. Garde, Y. Dromzee, M. Julve, B. Sieclucka, K. Hashimoto, S. Okhoshi and M. Verdaguer*,  Comptes Rendus Chimie,  2008, 11, 1192.

33. Towards the Understanding of Magnetic Interactions within a Series of TTF-Conjugated Verdazyl Diradical Cation Systems - A Density Functional Theory Study. V. Polo, A. Alberola, J. Andres, J. Anthony and M. Pilkington*, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys2008, 10, 857.

32. The Preparation of a Highly Reactive 3,3'-Disubstituted-2,2'-Bipyridine Ligand and its Rearrangement to a Novel Quaterpyridine Analogue. J. Wang, H. Stoeckli-Evans, S. Onions, J.K. Halfpenny, J.D. Wallis and M. Pilkington*, J. Chem. Soc., Chem. Commun., 2007, 3628.

31. Synthesis and Characterization of a TTF-Verdazyl Radical - A New Building Block for Conducting and/or Magnetic Systems. M. Chahma, K. Macnamara, A. van der Est, A. Alberola, V. Polo and M. Pilkington, New J. Chem., 2007, 31, 1973.

30. The Preparation and Coordination Complex of the First Imine Bridged TTF-Pyridine Donor Ligand. M. ChahmaN. Hassan, A. Alberola, H. Stoeckli-Evans and M. Pilkington*,  Inorg. Chem.,  2007, 46, 3807.

29, The Rational Design of a Covalently Tethered Dinuclear [MnII(N3O2)]2 Macrocyclic Building Block: Synthesis, Structure and Magnetic Properties. J. WangB. Slater, A. Alberola, H. Stoeckli-Evans, F. Razavi and M. Pilkington*, Inorg. Chem2007, 46, 4763.

28. A Novel Dinuclear Tridentate Bipyridine Carboxamide Ligand and its Complexation to Copper(II): Synthesis, Structure and Magnetism. J. Wang, B. Djukic A. Alberola, F. Razavi and M. Pilkington*, Inorg. Chem., 2007, 46, 8560.

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26. Organosulfur donor with hydroxy groups and its conducting salt: crystal structures and physical properties. S-X. Liu, A. Neels, H. Stoeckli-Evans, M. Pilkington, J.D. Wallis, S. Decurtins*, Polyhedron2004, 23, 1185.

25. Novel Cyano-Bridged MII9MV6 Molecular Clusters [MII = Mn, Co, Ni; MV = Mo, W]. F. Bonadio, J. Larionova, M. Gross, M. Biner, H. Stoeckli-Evans, S. Decurtins* and M. Pilkington*, Inorg. Syntheses; Ed. J.R. Shapely, 2004, Vol. 34, 156-160.

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